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Supply chain deviation required so that roads could be fixed

SEPTEMBER 30, 2014
Supply chain deviation required so that roads could be fixed

A Supply Chain Management Policy deviation had to be approved after the contract for asphalt, bituminous seals and road repairs. And a second deviation also had to be approved for the supply and delivery of engineering aggregates as a result of delays within the Supply Chain Management Unit’s processes.

City Management Mpilo Mbambisa says in a report to Council the three-year contract expired on November 4, 2012 and due to delays in finalising a new contract the existing contractors were reappointed on a month-to-month basis.

In his report, the City Manager points out that the Roads, Stormwater and Transportation sub-directorate made use of the service providers on an “as-and-when” basis in order “to cost effectively maintain a safe and efficient roads system ...in the municipal area”.

Outlining the risks involved in not having a contract in place, the report says that as a result of not having a contract in place, “all works relating to repairs and maintenance” came to a halt.

In addition a backlog had been created “that grows on a daily basis”.

In addition, it states, the municipality also faced “the risk of litigation resulting from injuries and damage to private property due to failing/poorly maintained infrastructure.

“In addition, there is also a negative impact on industry; potential investors and ratepayers’ satisfaction and confidence.”

With regard to the engineering aggregates for which the contract was also extended on a month-to-month basis, the report states this was necessary “so that service delivery was not hindered in any way”.

The report says it was critical that while a new three-year tender was being prepared that an “interim measures” should be applicable.

The extension it adds, would also allow sufficient time to re-advertise the tender. - metrominutes


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