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Suspect arrested after Centane man found strangled in his home

Nov 26, 2018
Suspect arrested after Centane man found strangled in his home

Centane police, with assistance of the community, arrested a 30-year-old man over the weekend for alleged murder of a man, aged 67, who was found strangled in his bedroom.

"It is alleged that the 67-year-old man was with his grandchildren at Mjo Locality, Feni Village, Centane on Friday.

"He went to sleep in a different room from the grandchildren," described police spokesperson, Captain Jackson Manatha.

"He was found on the floor adjacent to his bed already passed away on Saturday, at about 07h00. He had no visible injuries.

"It looked like he was strangled to death."

 Police investigating why Centane man was strangled

Capt Manatha said that the motive behind his murder is yet to be known.

"The suspect was arrested with the assistance from the community."

Butterworth SAPS Cluster Commander, Brigadier Ngangema Xakavu, thanked the community for their assistance as they did not take the law into their hands.

"The suspect will appear before the Centane Magistrate's Court on Tuesday on a murder charge," Capt Manatha said.

"The identity of the deceased is still being withheld as some of his relatives are to be informed of his murder."

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