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Suspect flees after threatening officers carrying out a search warrant with a firearm

Dec 12, 2017
Suspect flees after threatening officers carrying out a search warrant with a firearm

Since the festive season plan was launched on the 7 December 2017, police in Motherwell Cluster have recovered five illegal firearms as well as ammunition.

"The role which firearms play in the committing of crime has placed a priority on the clamping down on the illegal possession of firearms, especially during the peak festive season," described police spokesperson,  Captain Andre Beetge.

"A total of four hand guns and one shotgun has been taken off the streets and four persons arrested for the illegal possession of firearms since 8 December."

He said that in the latest incident, members of the Motherwell Operational Command Centre received information about a suspect being in possession of a firearm.

"On their arrival at the house in Noxolo Street, New Brighton, at about 17:00, a suspect came out of the house pointing at the police members with a firearm," Captain Manatha said.

"Police shot two warning shots after, which the suspect dropped the firearm and ran away into and between houses in Simunye Street, New Brighton, evading arrest."

He said that police also recovered 15 R5 rounds of ammunition that were buried behind a shack in Veeplaas, Kwazakele, Port Elizabeth, after information was received.

"No arrests made. Police investigations continue."

Motherwell Cluster Commander, Major General Dawie Rabie has urged community to assist the police to get these illegal firearms off the streets.

"Our community must assist us with information where these illegal firearms are. Together we can bring back safer streets and environments for all," he added.