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Suspect nabbed for robbing 75-year-old woman in her Shauderville home

Jul 9, 2018
Suspect nabbed for robbing 75-year-old woman in her Shauderville home

A 24-year-old suspect was arrested by Mount Road Detective Trio Task Team members during the early hours of Monday morning for house robbery.

According to police spokesperson, Col Priscilla Naidu, on Wednesday, 30 May 2018, at about 08:20, a 75-year-old woman was sleeping in her house in Couldridge Road in Shauderville when the suspect entered the room.

"He covered his face with a pillow and once he was close to the complainant, he covered her face with the pillow and stuck his fingers in her throat to silence her," she described.

"He removed the four rings on her finger and walked out.

"He gained entry by breaking a bedroom window."

Col Naidu said that the estimated cost of the jewellery is R15 000.

"The suspect was positively linked to the robbery through fingerprints. He was arrested at his house which is in the same street as the complainant." 

Mount Road Cluster Commander, Maj Gen Thembisile Patekile added that "the year 2018 is declared the year to intensify the fight against women, children and the elderly. The violent attacks on these groups cannot and will not be tolerated".

"We will ensure that those arrested will remain behind bars in our efforts to ensure that our elderly enjoy a safe and secure environment without any fear of being confronted with the possibility of any forms of attack," he added.