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Taking Your Business Processes Online

Taking Your Business Processes Online

Businesses worldwide are giving their brands an online presence with websites and social media accounts; but did you know that plenty more businesses are taking their processes online too?

By taking your business processes online you are making your services to your client far more accessible and easier to manage internally.  Examples include e-commerce (such as payment processing), statements, debit orders, registration systems and internal management systems.

The number one benefit for your company would be the fact that taking your business processes online benefits your customers immensely. In today’s fast-paced world, people don’t want to wait a week to receive their invoice in the post. Why should they do that when there are websites out there that take credit card payments directly – saving them time and hassle?

The days of having a pile of paperwork to register to study or register for a gym membership are over, thanks to those businesses that are giving their customers the opportunity to do it all online.

Another benefit of doing this would be that you won’t fall behind your competitors! Potential clients won’t be visiting your competitors if you make business processes available to them.

How Online Innovations can help you

Having been in the industry for 15 years we regularly receive requests to assist clients with taking their business processes online. More often than not, we analyse a client’s existing business processes and before making suggestions on how to convert to an online version.

At Online Innovations, we integrate top international software such as SAP, Navision and Syspro to best suit your online business processes. Here are just three of the many things we’ve done:

•   A national client of ours requested a system where customers can login to their personal profiles on the website to see their statements, invoices and receipts. We implemented this for our client, resulting in them no longer needing to send post or faxes to their customers and rather having their statements online for both the company and their customers to see.

•   Another national client of ours offers training courses all over South Africa and they wanted to have an online registration system. We made it possible for people to book and pay for their training courses online.

•   For clients with E-commerce websites, Online Innovations has even integrated some with a courier in order to calculate delivery costs according to real time shipping costs!

If you’re interested in the benefits of taking your business processes online, give me a call.

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