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Talking business with successful Fresh the Laundry franchisee, Janet Honeyball

SEPTEMBER 29, 2015
Talking business with successful Fresh the Laundry franchisee, Janet Honeyball

Many of the world’s top entrepreneurs are the ones, who were able to turn simple ideas and their humble beginnings into booming businesses. Such is the story of Fresh the Laundry.

Who would have thought that the company, the third biggest franchise from the Eastern Cape – with an ever-growing list of franchises within South Africa and beyond our borders, would achieve so much success just by ensuring your laundry is fresh and clean.

The first Fresh the Laundry store was opened in Cape Town in 2008 by Jim Fletcher to meet a huge demand for clean and modern laundries in South Africa. He started franchising his laundry business in 2008 with the first franchisee opening in Hout Bay.

Jim relocated to Port Elizabeth, due to other business interests, where Fresh the Laundry is now headquartered and has opened business opportunities for other local entrepreneurs.

RNews recently caught up with one of their successful franchisees, Janet Honeyball – who owns two Fresh the Laundry stores in Walmer, Perridgevale and Summerstrand.

Here is what we found out.

RNews (RN): You are one the most successful Fresh the Laundry franchisees. How did it come about?

Janet Honeyball (JH): The opportunity came about in 2009. I was working in financial services at the time. Having young children, the flexibility to structure my day was attractive and that is why I bought the first shop in Summerstrand.

RN: What would you say has been the key to your immense success as a franchisee over the years?

JH:Loyal customers, reliable staff, hard work, perseverance and pushing through when things don't go according to plan!

RN: Were you affected by the 2009 recession? How did you survive?

JH:I bought into Fresh Summerstrand and Fresh Walmer in late 2009. I think customers were more than ready for the niche concept of a franchised laundry service, which offered a universal look and service. We slowly became the “help away from home” and an affordable option for getting weekly laundry done.

RN: What is probably the best business advice that you ever received as an entrepreneur?

JH:Do your bookkeeping by the book! My husband is a Chartered Accountant and gives me good advice on many aspects of the business.

RN: What challenges do you feel government and other stakeholders need to address to make SA business friendly?

JH:Crime and the electricity crisis.

RN: Do you see a lot of red tape or barriers for women entrepreneurs – and what needs to be done to enhance their chances of succeeding in business?

JH:I can only comment on my experience in the industry I work in and in general. I have had great support from service providers and customers and there is a lot of support in business networking groups like the local Business Women’s Association (BWA).

RN: How do you balance your time as an owner of three Fresh Laundry stores in PE?

JH:I have owned Fresh Summerstrand and Fresh Walmer since 2009. I have recently taken over Fresh Perridgevale, which is under the umbrella of those two stores - but I would have to say it's all about clear communication, effective management and good staff.

RN: Outside of the office, how do you spend your time?

JH:Like other working moms, during the week it's a juggle with school runs, kids sporting schedules and homework. On the weekends, I am usually at home with family and friends.

RN: When looking at the future, what gets you excited the most about your industry and your business?

JH:Building the brand as a service orientated supplier.


Janet Honeyball can be contacted on 073 201 7965 or via email: [email protected].

Fresh the Laundry Walmer is located at Corner of 6th Avenue and Villiers Road, Walmer, Port Elizabeth.

Fresh the Laundry Summerstrand is located at Corner of Strandfontein and 2nd Avenue, Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth.

Fresh the Laundry Perridgevale is located at Shop 08, 4 Link Road, Perridgevale, Port Elizabeth. 

Visit Fresh the Laundry online at www.freshlaundry.co.za