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TAMING TRESSES: Creative Cuts: a wonderful salon for beautiful people

By Candra Neilson - Aug 8, 2014
TAMING TRESSES: Creative Cuts: a wonderful salon for beautiful people

They say a woman’s hair is her crowning glory and so I have always experimented with different looks and styles. However, owing to my pregnancy, over the past six months, I sort of put off visiting hair salons. On a recent morning, something happened; I decided to treat myself to a wash and colour so as to look good when my baby arrives - soon!

Driving down 17th Avenue Walmer, I came across Creative Cuts, an owner-managed unisex, boutique hair salon, situated at shop 10B (close to Game) at the 17th Quarter Mall. I later learnt that they used to be situated along Main Road Walmer across from Spar.

As soon as I walked in, I was warmly greeted by their friendly staff and ushered to my seat. It was only 8.00am but the stylists were already busy with patrons. I found the Creative Cuts space relaxing and we had a great time.

I went through their various tempting colour samples with one of their professional stylists. I wanted to do two blonde streaks to one dark streak, to allow for a decent regrowth and to ensure that when my hair grows out, it does so in a subtle manner.

The Creative Cuts stylists are really artists! Using foils, the colour was applied to my hair while we chatted - a warm cup of coffee in hand. I was very impressed with the hospitality.

Afterwards, I was placed under a dryer for about 25 minutes for the colour to set. On that cold winter morning, I welcomed it with open arms!

From the dryer, I was escorted to a washing basin where I also received an unexpected scalp massage - my favourite part of the hair experience. We then made our way to the cutting area, where I was neatly trimmed and styled into a beautiful crown. My stylist was very patient and was willing to make adjustments.

Whenever I had had haircuts in the past, I would walk out liking the cut but thinking I will style it my own way later. This was the first time I have ever left a salon and truly loved the style! Great job Creative Cuts.

For those who intend to go here on their lunch break, I was also impressed by their promptness. The location is also just perfect. Being at a mall means there is ample parking available and you can also enjoy your lunch-time shopping afterwards.

To find out more, visit Creative Cuts at shop 10B (next to Game) at the 17th Quarter Mall in Walmer, PE, or call them on 041 367 2778. You won’t regret it!