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Task team set to digitise Walter Sisulu University

Jan 3, 2018
Task team set to digitise Walter Sisulu University

The Walter Sisulu University Centre for Learning Teaching Development recently finalised their WiseUp symposium with a task team tasked to oversee WSU’s road to becoming an all-around digital institution.

The idea is to create a smart institution that fully caters to students and one that competes with the world when it comes to technological advancement in higher education.

For WSU the CLTD, Library Information Services, and the ICT department engaged in talks and together formed strategies for advancing technology.

“The workshop turned to be more of a conversation on how we can work together to optimise impact in learning and teaching with technology. We also realised that even though all of us are experts in our own fields, but our skillfulness are useless if we do not work together.”

The partnership between the different departments, which formed the ‘Learning and Teaching Innovation Hub’ is the University’s vision of being a developmental and caring institution. So far, WSU has made many strides with its systems being changed to online, fastening university processes and having a long-lasting impact on its students.

The road to being digitalized with learning and teaching began with transforming the WiseUp system so that it can best serve students by being a space of educational interaction like lecture halls.

“As the software [WiseUp] is created for learning and teaching, ours is to make sure it is available in lecture halls, user centred and easily accessible for all students,” said Manager at the ICT department, Siya Gegana.

The task team planned to bring these changes in the period of three years but also expressed how the contribution of lecturers and students will be of assistance in ensuring a system that works best for both the student and the university.