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Taxi drives into pillar after losing brakes in morning rush

By Afikile Lugunya - Nov 27, 2017
Taxi drives into pillar after losing brakes in morning rush

Several Port Elizabeth commuters escaped with minor injury after a minibus taxi they were travelling in lost control and hit the outside pillar of a building along Govan Mbeki Avenue, Port Elizabeth, on Monday morning as it attempted to avoid colliding with a bus.

The taxi was coming from Algoa Park, Port Elizabeth, and taking passengers to town when its brakes failed.

As a result, the bumper was crashed and the sliding door damaged.

Fortunately no one was injured and as quickly as the accident occured, passengers were transferred to another taxi.

A lady, who was in taxi, but declined to be named, said that the taxi's brakes failed as the driver weaved into the morning traffic rush.

“It all happened so fast and luckily no one was injured including the driver is fine. He was trying to avoid a bus and someone wanted to get off; he swerved and the brakes got tired I assume," she said.

“He hit the concrete pole. We all screamed, but fortunately no one bled. The guy, who was sitting in the front sit was limping due to the accident other than that we’re fine.”

As is customary nowadays, other taxi's and vehicles as well as pedestrians stopped at the scene to take pictures of the scene.