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Taxpayers have less than 48 hours left to file personal income tax returns

Oct 29, 2018
Taxpayers have less than 48 hours left to file personal income tax returns

Individual taxpayers have 48 hours left to file their personal income tax returns before tax season closes on Wednesday, 31 October.

"The deadline applies to non-provisional taxpayers and for those provisional taxpayers who opt to file at a branch.  Provisional[i] taxpayers using eFiling have until 31 January 2019 to file," said South African Revenue Services (SARS) spokesperson, Janine Mqulwana.

"Taxpayers are encouraged to heed the 48-hour call and opt for the eFiling channel to submit their returns. 

"eFiling has experienced 99.7% uptime during Tax Season and is geared to receive the large volumes of returns that can easily spike to 150 000 submissions daily when Tax Season hits its last two days."

Mqulwana added that the SARS Contact Centre is available from 08:00 to 18:00 to assist taxpayers to file online as well as to field any taxpayer queries on personal income tax returns. 

"Help-You-eFile – a function on eFiling that connects taxpayers to a qualified SARS tax agent – is also available from 08:00 to 18:00.

"SARS has sent reminders to taxpayers who still need to file. After the deadline, administrative penalties will be applied to late returns ranging between R250 and R15 000," she added.

"This year, eighteen taxpayers were prosecuted for not submitting their tax returns as part of SARS’ outstanding tax return campaign."

Employers are also reminded that the deadline for submissions as part of the Employer Interim Reconciliation period also closes on 31 October 2018.

Important contact details:

  • SARS Contact Centre: 0800 00 7277
  • Suspicious tax activity and corruption hotline: 0800 00 2870

Online suspicious report form available at: secure.sarsefiling.co.za/AdHocCaseSourcin

Endnote:Provisional taxpayer and non-provisional taxpayer

[i] Any person who receives income (or to whom income accrues) other than a salary, is a provisional taxpayer.  Most salary earners are therefore non-provisional taxpayers, if they have no other sources of income.  Provisional taxpayers have to reconcile their tax every six months through the IRP6 provisional tax process.
It is important to note that receiving exempt income, as follows, does not make you a provisional taxpayer:
  • If you receive interest of less than R23 800 if you are under 65; or
  • If you receive interest of less than R34 500 if you are 65 and older or;
  • You have income in a tax free savings account.