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Technical glitch means no new licence applications on Wednesday at Korsten

Sep 27, 2017
Technical glitch means no new licence applications on Wednesday at Korsten

Technicians will on Wednesday again attempt to connect the eight newly-installed Live Capturing Units (LCUs) at the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality's Korsten Traffic Department after encountering problems on Tuesday.

"Our efforts to improve service delivery at the Korsten Traffic and Licencing Centre hit a snag today when technicians could not connect the newly installed machines," explained Cllr John Best, Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Member of the Mayoral Committee for Safety and Security.

"The team from the Department of Transport will try tomorrow [Wednesday] to effect a connection, which means that no new applications for learner's and driver's licences including professional driving permits will be possible.

"We will keep you updated."

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality last week announced that it had secured new Live Capturing Units for its traffic departments.

Three new machines were installed in Uitenhage on Wednesday last week and eight were set up at Korsten.

"The Live Capturing Units (LCUs), used to capture appointments and applications for new Driver’s Licences and Learner’s Licences, are all outdated and will be decommissioned at both the Uitenhage and the Korsten Traffic and Licencing Centres," Cllr Best said last week..

"The old machines will be replaced with new Live Enrolment Units.

"We have been informed that it will take one day to do this and ultimately ensure that service delivery at our centres is improved and that long queues are a thing of the past."