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Technology provides accurate records

Nov 6, 2017
Technology provides accurate records

The GPS Enhancement to the Western Cape Demand Database project started in October 2015 and George Municipality participated as a pilot project with Western Cape Department of Human Settlements.

"This project focused on the two most common challenges faced by municipalities i.e how to allocate housing opportunities to people living in informal settlements as many do not have identifiable addresses; and secondly how to manage these informal settlements by providing up to date socio-economic data," described Chantel Edwards-Klose, George Municipality Manager for Communications..

"Field workers went out using tablets and trimble (portable GPS positioning) devices to capture GPS co-ordinates and socio-economic data within 8 of the informal settlements in George. The project was concluded in March 2017."

She explained that the advantages of the information thus recorded will allow the George Land Management division, which is responsible for the control of all informal areas, to keep updated records and assist in ensuring that  housing allocations are done in a fair manner.

"The Informal Settlement Database will assist George Municipality with the planning and future upgrading of informal settlements.

"The National Department of Public Services and Administration receiving funding from the Belgian Government to pay for this project.  A delegation of auditors from BDO, recently visited George to review the project undertaken," added Edwards-Klose.

BDO is an agency of the Belgian Ministry of Exterior Affairs, who oversee all grant funding given to developing countries.

The project was successful and in May 2017 the NDPSA approved a replication of the project for another two municipalities in the Western Cape.

Image: From left Cecil Swartbooi, Project Co-ordinator ; Michel Luc Grignard, BDO Belgium; Portfolio Councillor Human Settlements, Belrina Cornelius; Executive Mayor Melvin Naik; Luc van der Linden, BDO Belgium; Edwin Herandien, Acting Deputy Director Human Settlements; Laurence Janssens, BTC Resident Representative; Raymond Reddy, National Department of Public Services and Administration; Eugene Visagie, Western Cape Deputy Director: Policy and Research; Petro Botha, Human Settlements George; Sheen-Wayne Kiewitz, Human Settlements George; Lecrechia de Wet, Human Settlements George; Nicole Jacqueline Deroche, BDO Belgium and Barbara Christel Hay, BDO Belgium.