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Ten year strategic infrastructure plan being drafted for Eastern Cape

DECEMBER 1, 2014
Ten year strategic infrastructure plan being drafted for Eastern Cape

A request for proposals has been issued for the drafting of a 10-year Strategic Infrastructure plan for the Eastern Cape as required by the Eastern Cape Socio-Economic Consultative Council (ECSECC).

ECSECC has been mandated by the Office of the Premier to develop the plan that will be “comprehensive and integrated, covering the entire span for social and economic infrastructure”.

The terms of reference for the project state that the plan will be “a response to the socio-economic imperatives and vision of the Eastern Cape and will provide a basis for integrated infrastructure delivery as well as resource prioritisation and allocation”.

ECSECC points out that the purpose of the assignment is “to collect and analyse all existing infrastructure asset, project and planning information in the province.”

Further, the aim of the exercise is “to improve provincial understanding of infrastructure supply vs demand in the province, alignment with strategic priori-ties and delivery and government mechanisms”.

The scope of the 10-year Infrastructure Plan covers a number of clusters and sectors including social infrastructure - health, education, housing, sports, arts and culture. Further, it takes in economic infrastructure, which includes agriculture, rail, ports, roads and aviation as well as energy sector infrastructure, tourism, ICT and infrastructure for industrial zones.

Municipal infrastructure is also included, in the study taking in water and sanitation, electricity, access roads and social amenities. - metrominutes