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TEN YEARS STRONG: Jack of the Eastern Cape real estate and property trade

TEN YEARS STRONG: Jack of the Eastern Cape real estate and property trade

Port Elizabeth-based real estate firm, Warren Jack Property Group, recently celebrated 10 years of delivering a range of specialist services to investors and tenants of the Eastern Cape’s commercial, industrial, retail and residential sectors, on 1 March.

Warren Jack’s long-standing association with several independent agents has also proven profitable for companies looking to acquiring suitable accommodation for their staff and executives.

Among its most recent successes, the Warren Jack Property Group has been involved in the development of the Access Park retail facility, the R200 million Old Union Spinning Mills industrial complex, an R85 million industrial development along Grahamstown Road as well as a R500 million project next to the William Moffet Expressway in Port Elizabeth.

Business Link Magazine recently caught with owner, Warren Jack, to find out how the last decade has been for the group.

“Before starting on my own business, the Warren Jack Property Group in 2003, I had had full experience in the local property sector. I worked for four years at Bowman Property Valuations where I was trained and mentored by Phillip Bowman who has been in the local property space since 1984 - I don’t believe you can get somebody better,” recalled Jack.

Surprisingly, Jack started out on the football pitch oversees where he had a promising soccer career. It was only on his return home that he enrolled for a course on commercial property at the then-University of Port Elizabeth with encouragement from Bowman.

“After the course and after selling my first building, I just said, there goes the soccer, this is the job I want to do,” he described.

In the last decade, the Warren Jack Property Group has weathered several economic storms and property market slumps. Today, it is among the province’s top players in the real estate industry.

“Knowing the market, time in the market which is a big factor, having a basic knowledge of the law and knowing the product and reading your clients is perhaps what has contributed to our success,” said Jack, adding, “It’s also important to keep something extra for the hard times. When the economy is bad, having that something shows who will survive in the long term.”

Today, Warren Jack Property Group has built a reliable relationship with a local, experienced and reputable law firm whose full backing and services ensures hassle-free property transactions for the companies many clients,

The group can also liaise with quantity surveyors, project managers and the like on behalf of their clients.

Jack remains optimistic about the local property market.

“When the economy goes bad, everybody always says the property market is dying. The majority of that is only the residential market and not the commercial market,” he said.

“The commercial market grows all the time.”

Jack also described that the Warren Jack Property Group has been working to grow its excellence record and was looking into bringing BB-BEE into the realty sector.

“We want to bring more black players into the property market. There are simply not enough black real estate agents in our industry,” he said.

Jack believes strongly in corporate social investment and, being a keen golf player, Jack has recently involved the Warren Jack Property Group in developing aspirant black golf players from Port Elizabeth’s underprivileged Walmer Township.

“We already have 50 new people who have signed up at Walmer Country Club and we also have a young black woman whom we have supported in her golfing career for some time,” said Jack.

In the past decade, he has also been involved with local soccer development in the townships through sponsorships.

It is thanks to the kind of entrepreneurial spirit shown by Jack that the local as well as the national economy continues to grow.

Jack says that he is looking forward to the next ten years and believes that they will be as productive as the first ten.  Business Link Magazine wishes him success.

Warren Jack Property Group is situated at 2 Mowbray Street, Newton Park in Port Elizabeth. Alternatively, you can call: 041 365 6200 or visit www.warrenjack.co.za for more information.