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Tender being processed on road line markings

OCTOBER 13, 2014

A report to the Infrastructure, Engineering and Energy Committee says that a tender is being processed for the repair of roads and line marking.

In a report to the committee, the directorate states that the current focus of line marking is on main roads, which will be followed by feeder roads, speed humps and traffic calming.

The report says that among the challenges being faced with the programme are procurement delays; the non-availability of small plant such as rollers; no availability of road marking paint and limited qualified artisans, departmental painters and foremen.

In addition, it says that overtime is currently limited to 40 hours a month and the fact that there is no contractor in place to assist with the reduction of the backlog in line/road marking.

Currently, it adds, four contractors are still being used to assist with the repairing of potholes. - metrominutes