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Tension and stress relief: Sports Massage at Youtopia Health and Wellness Centre

Tension and stress relief: Sports Massage at Youtopia Health and Wellness Centre

Being a very active person, which I try to balance with being a full time employee and part time university student, can take its toll on the body. This is why I am always on the lookout for new spas and salons to relieve me of any tensions and sore muscles.

Recently, I decided to try a sports massage offered at Youtopia Health and Wellness Centre, which is situated in Circular Drive, Charlo, in Port Elizabeth.

I was welcomed by one of their friendly therapists and taken to one of their treatment rooms. As I prepared for the treatment, I noticed that the room had been designed for total relaxation. Its warm lighting was well-complemented by soothing wall colours and scented candles. Just lying on the massage bed in that soothing atmosphere was great.  

The therapist started with my neck and shoulders, gently working through all the knots. I must say, I could feel the stresses and tensions of long days at work and long nights with my textbooks, slowly being banished from my body.

She then moved onto my legs and feet, where most of my muscles needed serious relief before moving onto my arms.

I was surprised to find so much tension stored in my arms. Through various massage procedures, my therapist gently stretched and folded them - relaxing the muscles at the same time. What an amazing feeling!

The sports massage is a 60 minute, full body massage and is well worth the time out. I could feel the relief in my muscles almost immediately and the whole treatment was very relaxing.

The highlight of the massage for me was around the neck area, where my therapist lifted my neck and head with a towel and stretched my neck from side to side while massaging the knots. It was incredibly stress relieving and such a simple yet effective motion.

Youtopia offers a wide range of treatments from facials, hand, foot and body treatments as well as nails, body exfoliation and tanning facilities. They cater for both men and women and also do couples treatments.

If you also need to loosen up from your daily grind, contact Youtopia Health and Wellness Centre on 041 368 2636 or visit their website at www.youtopia.co.za for more information.