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“Terror attack although low should not be ignored” - ISS

“Terror attack although low should not be ignored” - ISS

The Institute for Security Studies (ISS) has indicated that while it takes the possibility of a terror attack seriously, the risk of South Africa coming under fire remains low.

This comes after the United States embassy yesterday warned that government and business interest in South Africa could come under threat from extremists group.

In a statement on its website, the US Diplomatic Mission to South Africa stated that it had received “specific and credible” information relating to the claims, although it failed to disclose potential targets.

Addressing the allegations late yesterday evening, State Security Minister David Mahlobo said the department were aware of the threats, and would be in communication of the US embassy regarding the sharing of more information. He however added South Africans should remain calm as the threats pose no immediate danger.

“In terms of our own information we have at our disposal, there’s no imminent threat that we can confirm that can happen to any person whose actually residing in the Republic,” Eyewitness News quoted him as saying.

“Our country remains relatively stable but we’ll continue as government to monitor any kind of radicalisation or extremism”.