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Thandi Maqubela gets 18 years behind bars

MARCH 31, 2015
Thandi Maqubela gets 18 years behind bars

The widow of former acting judge and struggle stalwart, Ntobeko Patrick Maqubela, Thandi Maqubela, has been sentenced to an effective 18 years in prison after being convicted by the Western Cape High Court for his murder.

Patrick Maqubela's body was found in June 2009 decomposing in his bed - he had been dead for two days.

In November 2013, his wife was later found guilty by the Western Cape High Court of murdering her husband, as well as forging his will and fraud.

Western Cape High Court Judge, John Murphy, handed down the following sentences:

  • Count one (murder) 15 years;
  • Count two (forgery) 3 years;
  • Count three (fraud) 3 years.

Count two and three will run concurrently.

Maqubela showed delusional tendencies and lacked empathy, the Western Cape High Court found on Tuesday.

"She displayed contradictory behavioural traits and tendencies," Judge Murphy said.

"The evidence shows beyond all doubt, her proclivity towards deception, fraudulent conduct, and an almost delusional tendency to fabricate, aimed unrealistically at self-preservation and advancement."

During her trial, Maqubela changed lawyers several times, disappeared, fainted at least twice, feigned mental instability on several occasions and - according to the court - told between 30 and 40 lies.