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The 5-a-side soccer tournament and launch of the #IAMABLE

Jul 14, 2017
The 5-a-side soccer tournament and launch of the #IAMABLE

Imvano Public Relations and Advertising are holding an official launch of the fundraising campaign, #IAMABLE, on behalf of Ithemba Special Day Care Centre on the 30th of July, at the Fairview Action Arena.

The above mentioned PR firm is a fictitious organization initiated by six BA (Media, Communication and Culture) students from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. The students have formed a partnership with Ithemba Special Day Care Centre in an effort to meet the needs of the Centre, while advancing the students’ corporate communication skills.      

The campaign will be launched simultaneously with our first event of the fundraising – the 5-a-side soccer tournament, from 9am until 5pm. 

Ithemba Special Day Care Centre provides basic educational services and support for children living with mental and physical disability, from the age of six to eighteen. The Centre caters for children that reside in the township areas around PE. It is based in Windvogel and was formed in 1988

The Centre facilitates inclusive learning, has designed a curriculum to assist children that experience certain barriers in learning and has dedicated teachers that help to integrate the children into mainstream society. However, the Centre has been experience financial challenges.

Imvano PR and Advertising has established the campaign, #IAMABLE to debunk the stereotypes about people living with disabilities that perpetuate the idea that they do not have the same capabilities as abled-bodies. It seeks to advocate for the rights of children living with disabilities while raising funds and awareness for the Centre.

With the launch and tournament, we are hoping to attract an abundance of community members that will be required to pay an entrance fee (R20) and local teams that will pay R500 in order to participate. This will hopefully help us raise funds and most importantly, it will assist us to pull people living with disabilities from being spectators to being athletes.

5-side-soccer is appropriate for our campaign because the sport is often adapted to fit people living with disabilities – specifically with visual impairment.  

Image: Girls playing with a soccer ball at the Ithemba Special Day Care.

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