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The answer to the missing link between students and business

APRIL 5, 2016
The answer to the missing link between students and business

Student Brands is the answer for brands to communicate with South Africa’s, and in the near future Africa’s, student community. This is the platform for brands to be seen and heard by South Africa’s most important consumers and future assets, our youth.

Student Brands is a youth marketing company, which prides itself with acquiring the trust of over 1000 000 currently active students on their online student portal. With close to achieving their aspirations of being the country’s leading platform that speaks directly to students, Student Brands not only addresses students in their very own youthful manner, but also empowers students to make informed decisions in their academic development, business opportunities and careers paths. This youth marketing companies goal is to provide students with the necessary resources to excel in the business world. 

No one understands the youth better then the youth themselves, Daryl Bartkunsky founded Students Brands as a young student while he was in university, and he was able to identify with his target audience, gaining knowledge of their needs, trends and perceptions.

Today Bartkunsky has stayed true to his youthful audience by putting together a young and innovative team that is on top of the latest youth topics and trends, therefore providing their clients with the advantage of understanding the youth and speaking their language. There is no better way to target the youth then through the youth.  

According to Daryl Bartkunsky founder and MD of student brands, “Every year students contribute R41 billion to the economy and companies might be losing out if they’re not speaking their language. We can help companies switch the student market onto their brand to ensure they get a part of the spend. Student Brands is a small, young, dynamic team which enables us to relate to the target market and engage with them on a personal level”.

What does this mean for business? Student brands are the answer to the missing link between students and businesses. Bartkunski says, “students don’t stay students forever and they will remember the companies, which cared for them while they were trying to make ends meet. If you are that company, you will not only build brand loyalty, but potentially secure a long-time customer base”. ?

With the launch of their newly renovated website Student Brands are on-top of their game by not only making their website incredibly appealing to look at but also even easier to navigate, therefore connecting students and businesses with just a click of a button.

Student Brands vision for the future is to not only to expand into Africa but to make an international footprint as well. Bartkunski has a vision of helping students all over the world and simultaneously to connect various brands with these students by communicating their global messages in a way that students find current and appealing.