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The art scene: How to choose art for your spaces

The art scene: How to choose art for your spaces

As an interior designer, I often have struggled to find art for my clients. While the perfect client will already have a wonderful collection of art for me to work with, for some reason, I find that most people are unsure of what they like and what they want on their walls when it comes to art.

Often people worry, “but where will I put it?” Good art will always find its place in any home. Don’t choose art because it has colours that will suit your room.

The trick to acquiring artwork that suit your home is to buy with your heart. If a work of art evokes emotion and moves you, you’re onto a good thing. Before purchasing, find out how established the artist is and what his or her artworks are selling for, and then negotiate.

Another common question is, “Where can I go to find good art?” Surprisingly, we have many incredible artists right under our noses.

Duncan Stewart, whose studio is in Richmond Hill, is one of Port Elizabeth’s leading artists and is gaining international acclaim. He works in all mediums from oil, charcoal and watercolour, to metal, clay and wax.

After initially being in the graphic design industry in Johannesburg, Duncan made a career change and headed for Italy, where he studied Fine Art. He says he is constantly inspired by nature and by travelling to meet people from different cultures. Lucky for us, 20 years on, he is back in Port Elizabeth.

Galerie Noko, also in Richmond Hill, was started by Usen Obot nearly a year ago. He tells me that he is not the owner, but simply the charge’ d’affaires - French for ‘the one in charge of matters’.

Usen, a vibrant artist in his own right, says that the gallery is a platform for all disciplines of art whether it is music, fashion, design, photography or painting. There are always new, exciting artists in this constantly evolving gallery.

Underculture Contemporary in Park Drive act as a platform for the development and promotion of promising local artists. Their objective is to help you source art, by making informed decisions, which will become a financial asset long term.

No more cheap prints, not when you have all of this talent at your fingertips.


Photo Caption: Artwork done by Duncan Stewart.