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The Boardwalk lends a helping hand for Healing Minds in Walmer

Nov 23, 2018
The Boardwalk lends a helping hand for Healing Minds in Walmer

Representatives from The Boardwalk and Hungry Peter recently visited the Healing Minds centre in Walmer, Port Elizabeth, to handover a welcome donation of non perishable foods.

The food donation, to ease the burden faced by the charity organization over the festive season, was courtesy of Hungry Peter, located at The Boardwalk.

The Boardwalk took Healing Minds under its wing a number of years ago, endeavoring to support the nonprofit organization in extending it invaluable services to the community. In 2017, The Boardwalk assisted with the upgrade of the centre’s kitchen and sewing room to the tune of R300 000.

Healing Minds is a non-profit organization that runs several programmes to assist and uplift the local community. These include a daily feeding scheme for over 225 impoverished people from the area; a crèche facility for 87 toddlers whose parents are either absent, deceased or cannot afford early childhood care; a sewing skills training programme as well as a cleaning and recycling initiative.

The Boardwalk lends a helping hand for Healing Minds in Walmer

A model eco garden with an organic waste management system is also underway at the site, with the vision is to grow fresh produce to sell in order to generate funds for the centre.

The site occupied by the Healing Minds centre was once notorious for vandalism, crime, drugs, vagrancy and other ills. Today, it represents a stand against injustice and is home to many inspired volunteers who love to serve and share.

The centre has also become a haven for many disadvantaged men, women and children of all ages.

Healing Minds runs a number of successful counselling programmes to promote mental and physical vitality in the township. In addition to the daily feeding scheme, Healing Minds delivers food and medication to the sick and elderly; assists the local police with victim support and facilitates reintegration initiatives to assist ex-convicts who want to make amends and rejoin the community.

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