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The Craft Beer Connoisseurs Guide

Jan 26, 2017
The Craft Beer Connoisseurs Guide

Whether you prefer pale ale, cherry flavoured beer or something sturdier, there is no denying the fact that South Africa boasts a collection of locally and internationally brewed craft beers. Delicious and often paired with menus that complement the aromas and flavours of the beer, South African craft beer is taking the nation by storm. With an already ample following, craft beer has become something that everyone can appreciate; however, there are a number of connoisseurs that pride themselves on their knowledge of local and international brews.

Craft beer, with exceptionally delightful palates, is quickly becoming a hobby for many South Africans who enjoy an afternoon of beer tasting. Many breweries and pubs offer up delicious menus to add to the experience. Let’s take a look at some of the best places in Gauteng to enjoy an ice cold craft beer… 

  1. Capital Craft

Quickly becoming an institution in its own right, Capital Craft in Pretoria boasts the biggest selection of locally brewed craft beers in the country. It caters mainly to students, but is open to anyone who wants to enjoy an afternoon of good food and even better beer. Round up a group of friends and make your way to Capital Craft for an afternoon or evening of exceptional craft beer.

  1. Beerhouse

One of the most popular choices for craft beer in Johannesburg, Beerhouse is quickly becoming the place to be during the weekends. You’re sure to find an infectious vibe, decent food and a great selection of beer – just be sure to get there early enough to find parking!

  1. Brauhaus am Damm

If you’re looking for a micro-brewery that lies just outside of Gauteng and boasts delicious food and good beer, then be sure to take a trip to Brauhaus am Damn for a memorable experience. It can often be tough to find a good combination of food and beer – sometimes almost as tough as picking winning lottery numbers  – however, Brauhaus am Damm offer both at competitive prices. The view, food and beer are worth the drive!

  1. Black Horse Brewery

Nestled in the Magaliesburg Mountains, Black Horse Brewery is a micro-brewery that has quickly become a favourite among many Johannesburg and Pretoria residents who enjoy the drive out to the countryside. Good food, good beer and great views are what Black Horse Brewery are known for!

When it comes to good food and craft beer, be sure to schedule your Saturdays carefully – you don’t want to miss out on what SA’s craft beer scene has to offer!