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The Dark Ages: Eskom load-shedding, a business boom for generator suppliers!

By Matthew Collins - Dec 15, 2014
The Dark Ages: Eskom load-shedding, a business boom for generator suppliers!

While many South African have cried foul at Eskom’s most recent load shedding, companies supplying generators say they have experienced a spike in business – most have actually run out stock.

“Eskom is supposed to be my best friend but there is nothing (no generators) to sell,” quipped Warrick Dickie, Manager at PE-based Cherry Industrial.

The company specialises in the sales and hire of mechanical equipment and has been swamped by requests for generators which they are unable to attend to - there is almost no stock available nationwide.

“We have a backlog of orders a mile long. I can give customers quotes, but I have nothing to sell to them. I’m losing income,” said Dickie.

Owner of Zurcher’s Electrical and Electronics Cc, Zane Zurcher, confirmed the nationwide shortage of stock with regard to generators.

“Everyone jumped on the bandwagon late. We have a shortage of generators because we can’t get enough stock. At the moment, every generator supplier is flatout-busy,” said Zurcher in an interview with RNews.

How to survive the blackouts;

  • Make sure you find out when your area will experience load shedding and which stage is under way so you can plan accordingly. The schedules can be found at: loadshedding.eskom.co.za
  • Candles may be cheaper but they can be a fire hazard if left unattended. Invest in gas or rechargeable LED lights as they have a longer shelf life and they create more light.
  • A power outage means no TV, computer or any other electronic equipment… this makes it a good time to catch up on your reading or family time.
  • For food, stock up on non-perishables or invest in a small gas or a paraffin stove. Even better, pull out the braai-stand and invite a few friends over for that traditional South African gathering.


Image courtesy of: www.hondalawnparts.com