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The first ever Drone Night Race in SA

By Jesica Slabbert - Nov 9, 2018
The first ever Drone Night Race in SA

The first ever Drone Night Race to take place in South Africa happened in Port Elizabeth at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium on Thursday.

Drone flyers and drone enthusiasts from around the country came down to witness and participate in this historic event.

The Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium was decked out with obstacles and a complicated course for the drone flyers to attempt to not only get through the course without crashing their drone, but the finish their laps as fast as possible in order to qualify for the final round.

The top 16 racers in South Africa participated in this auspicious event in order to demonstrate the spectacle of drone racing.

The drone race was sponsored by Jendamark, and is one of the highlights for the African Advanced Manufacturing and Composites Show that has been taking place since the 7th of November and will end on Friday.

In the end only three drone pilots came out on top, with Port Elizabeth drone pilot, Benjamin Radcliff, also known as PeaksZA, taking third place.

Have a look at what went down at the drone race here:

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