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The Gunston brothers have outdone themselves

The Gunston brothers have outdone themselves

I have been a big fan of the Gunston twins for some time now after regularly dining at the Two Olives (Jonathan) and The Chartroom (Nic). So, I was very excited when I heard that they had come together with their brother, Tim, and opened a new restaurant.

Of course, having a high expectation often leads to disappointment, but not with Gunston’s Gastro Pub. In fact, since their opening in July, I have enjoyed a number of great meals at this delightful eatery. 

Situated in the famous Bridge Street complex, Gunston’s has a simple elegance and an understated style. The mix of colours hints at an old school English pub but the lighting, bathrooms and bar are all contemporary as is the comfortable seating and solid tables. The polished cutlery and serviettes are carefully placed in brown paper bags at each seat – a neat touch.

As one would expect from such seasoned restauranteurs, the service is friendly and efficient. Tim Gunston is a natural manager and flits from one table to another chatting to patrons, assisting with orders and ensuring that the atmosphere is happy and content.

The food, aaah, the food, is simply delicious. Jonathan designed the menu and there are certainly hints of the Two Olives in some of the dishes. 

“The gastro in our name comes from the word gastronomic which means the art of eating good food and in our context, we’re aiming at good pub food,” he says.

It will be a while before I have tasted everything on the menu but I can certainly say that the Guinness Pie, Rib Starter and Chicken Burger are truly magnificent. 

Perhaps the best indication of this restaurant’s success is that it has been full almost every night since it opened and whenever I have visited, I have noticed many of the patrons to be return customers!

Being a pub one would expect some decent beer. On tap are two of Ben Koppen’s delicious beverages and so too are the refreshing pilsners, stouts and lagers from the Bridge Street Brewery.

Gunston’s will come into its own in summer when the large doors can open onto the garden and the veranda, but even now, in the depths of winter this restaurant is warm and cosy - not just because of the heating but because of happy patrons exuding body warmth. 

The focal point of the restaurant is the large Gunston’s frieze that gives the establishment date as 2016 and, if this restaurant can maintain the high standard set so soon, then I will be a regular diner long into the future. See you there!
Visit Gunston’s Gastro Pub at 1 Bridge Street or call 041 072 0448 to make a reservation.