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The lighter side of load shedding…

Jul 15, 2015
The lighter side of load shedding…

Load shedding is a challenge for most of us in South Africa. Perhaps it’s time to stop resisting what is out of our control and instead embrace the delights that it brings. I love load shedding because:

  • I’ve become more educated, aware of electricity usage and how to lighten my use, and electricity bill
  • It raises awareness to use precious resources wisely, including water and food
  • It sparks many entrepreneurial innovations such as the Geyser Controller from energy saving company, Mr. Power
  • It pushes me to be more creative
  • I’m more productive at work when I know load shedding is scheduled
  • It forces me to stop and relax
  • I get to enjoy intimate candlelit evenings with family and friends
  • A reason to braai 
  • I can harness the power of the South African sun with Mr. Power’s Solar Kit, which can help light up the dark night and saves on electricity when there is power
  • Less electronic devices to distract me 
  • It is an opportunity to learn about alternatives to generators such as the Mr. Power Inverter, where you simply plug the unit into the wall socket which automatically charges the built in battery and it automatically switches in the inverter to supply power during load shedding
  • No electricity coursing through the air around me
  • It’s quieter
  • Star gazing in the stillness
  • Time to be mindful
  • And that little surge of excitement when the power comes back on again

Why do you love load shedding?

On a practical note: remember to switch off (or unplug) all appliances immediately when the power goes off, (either at the plug or electricity board). This will protect them from the surge of power when the electricity comes back on again. Preparation is key. Enjoy the forced downtime. And invest in energy saving LED lighting, products and appliances.

For more advice and information please visit www.mrpower.co.za or call the Mr. Power team directly on 011 804 2988.