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The name says it all…: For The Love of Wine!

The name says it all…: For The Love of Wine!

I have family in Cape Town who love to entertain and who enjoy taking me to wonderful restaurants and wine farms each time I pay them a visit. They believe that I am culturally and culinary deprived living in Port Elizabeth which, in some instances is true. However, in recent years Port Elizabeth has done much to up its offering and one of the establishments leading PE to new heights is For the Love Of Wine, which is located in Stanley Street, Richmond Hill.

Owned by Robyn Martin, who has a long and varied relationship with the wine industry, this delightful wine bar is stocked with over 250 different choice wines – consisting mainly of smaller, boutique and unusual wines. I doubt that there is another venue in the Eastern Cape that can match this selection.

Their staff is very knowledgeable about wines and are always keen to assist and advise patrons.

Not only are the wines special but so too is the location. For Love Of Wine is located on the first floor of a well-restored old building. A wooden stair case from a more craftsman-like era connects the unobtrusive entrance on the street to the stylish landing that divides the bar from an art gallery.

The balcony that runs along two sides of the wine bar offers a birds-eye view of Stanley Street and, if you’re looking for a more private and secluded setting, then there is a lounge with comfy chairs located at the back of the wine bar.

For the Love Of Wine also serves a selection of farm-house cheeses, boutique-style olives and South African biltong if you are looking for a quick snack or you may order from any of the near-by restaurants who will deliver to the bar.

If you are a wine-lover by any measure, make sure you are on For The Love Of Wine’s mailing list as they host weekly Winemakers Tastings, where the best local winemakers present the best from their vines. Robyn also rotates their tasting list and their pay-per-glass list every two weeks.

For The Love Of Wine does have a liquor license so you can buy your favourite wines by the box too.

I enjoy starting an evening at For The Love Of Wine. My friends and I will meet there for a glass of wine before we make our way to a nearby restaurant. The balcony is a great place to watch the Bay’s fab and fashionable as they pass by below and you will find me there quite often enjoying a glass of bubbly.

To find our more, call 072 566 2692 or visit the 1st Floor at 20 Stanley Street, Richmond Hill, Port Elizabeth or www.ftlow.co.za