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'The needs of others' the focus of Mrs Port Elizabeth 2015

AUGUST 18, 2015
'The needs of others' the focus of Mrs Port Elizabeth 2015

Port Elizabeth businesswoman, Angelique Danielle Michelle Adcock, is Mrs Port Elizabeth 2015, after her crowing at a colourful show at the Athenaeum along Belmont Terrace in Port Elizabeth on Saturday evening.

Angelique, who is originally from Phalaborwa and holds a degree in Psychology from Rhodes University, moved to Port Elizabeth back in 2007 with her two children - Jared and Skye. She had been a 'farmer’s wife' for 14 years.

That same year, her parents started a company called Electrocoat, which she joined in 2008.

“I currently co-own the company with my dad. It is growing from strength to strength and we are eternally grateful for this.

“We electrocoat motor car components for local component manufacturers, who in turn supply the OEM’S. I oversee the entire running of the company in terms of the administration and finances. My dad oversees the production side. We make a great team!” she described.

“I also co-own a fledgling company with my fiancé called Treasure Quest Treasures. We buy and sell nautical and maritime collectables and sell metal detecting accessories.”

But Angelique’s hectic business commitments have not stopped her from pursuing her other passion – philanthropy.

RNews caught up her with to find out about her new role as Mrs Port Elizabeth for the next twelve months.

RNews: How does it feel to be Mrs Port Elizabeth 2015?

Angelique: I feel incredibly proud to be a representative for our beautiful city of Port Elizabeth and an ambassador for the Rolemodels Foundation.

RNews: What does it mean for you and what responsibilities come with the crown?

Angelique: I have a fantastic platform and an opportunity to make a difference to others. Our main responsibility is the Imfundu Educare Projects – the Port Elizabeth Educare Center is situated in Malabar Extension 6.

Rolemodels Foundation, through the Imfundu Educare Projects, initiates and sustains early childhood development centres for children aged 2-6 years in disadvantaged communities.

RNews: Why did you enter the Mrs Port Elizabeth pageant?

Angelique: I felt I needed a perspective change in my life as I felt disconnected from humanity. I am so busy with my corporate life; on my iPad, laptop and computer that I felt disconnected from humanity and the needs of others.

I felt that the Rolemodels Foundation and the Mrs Port Elizabeth pageant provided me with a platform to empowered me to make a difference.

RNews: How tough was the pageant?

Angelique: It was an incredible journey of self-discovery. I had to step out of my comfort zone and was challenged to think out of the box.

RNews: Where to from there?

Angelique: I am hoping that the business plan for ‘Angel-wings’ - that I presented as one of the requirements for the pageant, soars to great heights!

Image: Mrs Port Elizabeth 2015 ~ Angelique Danielle Michelle Adcock (centre); 1st Princess: Bernadette Hickman Loock (left) and 2nd Princess: Yvette Peo. Photo by Riaan Trosee of Apple Tree Photography.