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The new Webafrica Ad, ‘Just Skip it. If you can’... But you don't want to

Apr 24, 2017
The new Webafrica Ad, ‘Just Skip it. If you can’... But you don't want to

Let’s be honest, whoever came up with the idea of YouTube ads, especially the ones you cannot skip, should be beaten with celery. Repeatedly. However, if you’re one of those fortunate souls who has been presented with the new Webafrica ‘Just Skip it. If you can’ ad, you’ll probably watch it for more than 1.30 minutes, just like 150,000 other South Africans have done since its release 3 weeks ago.

The full ad runs for a whopping 2.47 minutes, featuring a rather awkward looking extreme sportsman (slight exaggeration) skipping with a rope, pleading desperately for you to press the ‘Skip Ad’ button.  The longer you take to push the button, the more out of breath he becomes, eventually collapsing in an exhausted heap.

It’s refreshingly different to almost all other YouTube ads because it tempts the viewer to watch beyond the mandatory 5 seconds rather than accepting that most people just want to skip to the video they searched for.  Always with the overlaying, slightly ironic, message that “Webafrica Fibre is FasterFast…now let’s skip the ad”. After that, it’s pure, sadistic, skipping joy for the viewer.

Tim Wyatt-Gunning, CEO of Webafrica – the market leader in Fibre Internet - says: “We loved the idea of letting the viewer decide just how tired they want to see our ‘sportsman’ get, but without drawing out our message. YouTube stats prove that more than 50% of the ad is watched by the audience when presented with the option to skip or continue watching. Considering that 95% of Youtube viewers skip the ad as soon as they can after 5 seconds, we have been gobsmacked by our audience’s utter failure to skip the ad as instructed.

“The coolest thing for us is that, through Youtube, we only deliver the ad to people who view it in a suburb which we can, or will soon, provide Fibre in, which makes it a very relevant way for us to reach our potential customers, many of whom might be buffered as they watch it on old school technology.”

The ad is one element in a new series of work being produced for Webafrica’s next campaign by The Jupiter Drawing Room Cape Town.