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The Stuff of Legends: Good times at Something Good

By Charl Bosch - Dec 15, 2014
The Stuff of Legends: Good times at Something Good

Probably one of the most talked about events in the Bay late last year, was the re-opening of the much-loved Something Good Roadhouse, situated on the Pollock Beach front. Among the best and most well-known eateries in town, the roadhouse’s impressive revival was much like the return of a long lost family member.

Having visited the eatery on numerous occasions since its renovation, I was recently joined by three colleagues to try out Something Good’s newly-developed in-house beers - christened SGB, Something Good Beer.

Being a Friday evening, we found the mood inside the restaurant vibrant as patrons eased into the weekend while waiters bustled around with orders. To add to the atmosphere the live music set the perfect tone for the start of the weekend. Something Good certainly is a great place to start the weekend and we were soon relaxing thanks to the holiday atmosphere that pervades this establishment.

This particular evening we had come with one mission and one mission only - to sample Something Good’s craft beer. An executive decision was made to call in the experts, our office in-house beer connoisseurs, and our team was determined to sample all beers in a most thorough manner.

The first option would be an SGB Pilsner. Made out of naturally malted barley and blended with a combination of local hops and imported Saarz hops, the brew was described as light and thirst-quenching by our director, while my colleague stated that it would suit almost everyone’s taste.  

An SGB Lager followed soon afterwards. Made out of pale, roasted and malted barley, combined with only local and natural ingredients, our director drew particular attention to its rich taste while my colleague described it as unique and interesting.

The universal decision was that both the lager and the pilsner were ideal for enjoying on a hot, sunny afternoon while watching the waves break nearby and enjoying the company of good friends.

After Something Good’s brewing prowess had been certified, the difficult decision was what dish would best complement them. I opted for their 200g pepper burger with chips, my two colleagues decided to share their Avalanche pizza, which consisted of bacon bits, Danish feta, peppadews and fresh rocket, while our director chose the Chirpy Classic 200g chicken burger with chips and a garden salad.


Image courtesy of: portelizabethbuzz.com