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The Umthombo Experience

Sep 13, 2017
The Umthombo Experience

Over the last few months, Imvano Public Relations and Advertising - led by Media, Communication and Culture students from the Nelson Mandela University established the #IAmAble campaign.

The campaign was formed in order to create awareness and to embark on a fundraising journey on behalf of the non-profit organization, Ithemba Special Day Care Centre. To close off the campaign, Imvano PR and Advertising is hosting The Umthombo Experience which is a creative arts auction at the Nelson Mandela University, Bird Street Campus Art Gallery on the 23rd of September, from 7 pm.

The art pieces are to be auctioned and sold in aid of NGO include paintings, sculptures and other handcrafted artworks. The pieces are sponsored by fine arts students from Nelson Mandela University and other artists from the Bay in a deliberate act to create a rare space for them to exhibit their best work. To top it off, the art pieces are a collector’s item as they were specifically created for this venture and will only appear at the auction

The Umthombo Experience will provide attendees with a modern and exciting version of museums. The attendees will have an opportunity feel the quality of the art and understand the idea behind the pieces. At the same time, they will have an opportunity to delight in live music and poetry performances from talented and rising artists from around the Nelson Mandela Bay.

When the word “Umthombo” is translated into the English language, it means “a fountain”. However in the isiXhosa language, it means more than the “fountain”. It is often associated with the roots of life, authenticity, peace and being in touch with the soul. These are the same traits that inspire the creatives involved in the event.    

Ithemba Special Day Care Centreis an educational facility based in the Northern Area of Port Elizabeth, Windvogel. The aim of the school is to offer basic education to children living with mental and physical disabilities, from the ages of six to eighteen.

Children living with disabilities are often belittled, treated as objects of pity by society and are marginalized from resources. As a response to those challenges, Ithemba Special Day Care Centre has designed an inclusive syllabus to help the children to access socioeconomic opportunities after they leave the facility. The centre enrols children from disadvantaged background and as a result, it has been experiencing monetary challenges.   

The auction will also include speakers that will highlight issues related to disability discrimination and will conscientize the attendees about the struggles of people living with disabilities face in the classroom and in the workplace.  

Additional information about the Centre can be accessed athttp://www.sdcithemba.com/  .