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The Underdog Project needs funding to keep doors open

By Jesica Slabbert - Feb 2, 2018
The Underdog Project needs funding to keep doors open

The Underdog Projectis an Animal Assisted Therapy Non-Profit Organisation based at the DARG animal shelter premises in Hout Bay, Cape Town.

Their objective is to assist at-risk teenagers to overcome social and emotional problems, and learn valuable life skills, through the training of shelter and rescue dogs; in turn teaching these dogs the skills to improve their chances of adoption.

Their motto is “Kids and dogs working together for a better future." 

The Underdog Project is desperately seeking out assistance from the community and all dog-lovers everywhere to help them raise funds to keep their doors open for both the dogs and the teenagers.

Without the required funding, The Underdog Project will be forced to close their doors, depriving many hopeful dogs of the valuable human interaction that contributes to them being adopted and leaving many vulnerable young people without a safe place to go.

To spread the word of The Underdog Project, a social media campaign has been instigated to try and create more awareness about them and their mission. This is The Underdog Project’s first ever fundraising campaign for the year.

You too can share their story and encourage people to take part in the campaign and make a donation by:

  1. Going here and donating an amount of your choice.  R250 would be great, but any amount below or above will be greatly appreciated. Share a picture of your underdog (two or four legged) on Instagram or Facebook,
  2. Then caption the image with your favourite underdog story, and include the hashtag  #ISupportTheUnderdog
  3. Then nominate two friends to do the same.

Each workshop session costs R250 ($21 USD) per child and dog team.

For more information on The Underdog Project and how you can help, visit their website athttp://www.underdogproject.org/.