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The Underworld: Murder accused George Louca has lung cancer

MARCH 12, 2015
The Underworld: Murder accused George Louca has lung cancer

Cyprus national, George Louca, who is accused of the murder of former Teazers boss, Lolly Jackson, reportedly has lung cancer - which could shake up things in the murder case against him.

"It appears on the face of it to be quite extensive," his lawyer Owen Blumberg told The Star.

"If it is a really aggressive cancer and he doesn't have much time, I can't anticipate what direction the court will take [in the murder trial]."

Blumberg said that Louca is expected to undergo a series of tests to determine the stage of the disease.

He said Louca provided affidavits to the State, but he was concerned that his client may not survive to testify and prove his claims of innocence.

National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) spokesman Velekhaya Mgobhozi said the NPA was waiting for a report from the defence team.

"The NPA will study the report and make a decision," he told the newspaper.

National police spokesman Lt-Gen Solomon Makgale said investigators were also waiting for the report.

"We have adopted a wait-and-see attitude," he said.

Louca is on trial under the name George Smith for allegedly killing Jackson. Jackson was shot dead in a house in Edleen, on the East Rand, on May 3, 2010. At the time it was reported that Louca called then Gauteng police intelligence boss Joey Mabasa and confessed to the crime.

Image courtesy of drum.co.za