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The Velvet Cake Company's Jandri Van Zyl

AUGUST 16, 2016
The Velvet Cake Company's Jandri Van Zyl

A dynamic and bright baker who describes herself as creative and serious, Jandri van Zyl, owner and pastry chef of The Velvet Cake Co., strives to create unique offerings with that “WOW” factor, ensuring that her consumers have a memorable cake experience.

After studying to become a patisserie chef in 2009, she worked very hard to pursue her dream to create her own cake-haven. “After chopping and changing between a few creative things like photography and fashion, I decided to pursue what came easy and naturally to me”, says Van Zyl.  With her grandmother being a master baker and having her very first cook book at the age of 10, Jandri realised that baking is definitely in her blood.


What started off in 2010 as a charming patisserie known as Treat, in the Northern Suburbs, quickly evolved into The Velvet Cake Co. a mere two years later. She prides herself in only using the finest ingredients and creating a fun experience that overwhelms her customers with joy. “The idea was to create a kind of candy land or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory feeling, but with cake. I also wanted to create a large variety of cakes so that everyone can enjoy their favorite slice of cake – from cheesecake to chocolate cake”, says Jandri.

The Velvet Cake Co. recently opened their second cake emporium in Cape Town’s city centre located in Loop Street. The new store is due to popular demand from the brand’s customers encouraging them to open a branch that could serve the Cape Town city and its surrounding neighbourhoods. Much like their branch in the Tygervalley area, the Loop Street shop also has a select range of cakes available for last minute birthdays and special occasions.

According to Jandri, her proudest moment since opening The Velvet Cake Co. is seeing most of her staff members, who started with very little to no baking experience, are now accomplished bakers and cake decorators. “I love creating something from nothing and just seeing our customers enjoying our creations”, she adds.

Jandri spends most of her days driving between the Durbanville and Cape Town stores, running day to day business operations and interacting with her staff members and customers. “Being the CEO of this crazy and fun cake emporium, no day is ever the same!” If she is not busy brainstorming new cake ideas, you will find her alongside family and friends, socialising and reveling in unique Cape Town food spots or markets.  

When asked what is next for The Velvet Cake Co., Jandri stated that she wants to continue building a household brand that her consumers love and trust, and added that they might be opening new stores and implementing a delivery system.


All The Velvet Cake Co. treats and gifts can be ordered online, with a minimum notice period of 24 hours. Orders can also be placed directly from either their Northern Suburbs or new Loop street stores. Customers can also grab a coffee in store while waiting for collections.