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The Village on Walker Drive – now you can enjoy true lifestyle living

Jul 7, 2017
The Village on Walker Drive – now you can enjoy true lifestyle living

Considering a lifestyle upgrade? Then consider moving into the newly developed Village on Walker Drive.

Nestled in the forest-green of the Ben Kamma, on the corner of Walker Drive, Port Elizabeth, this development not only makes the most of nature's exquisite beauty, but offers exceptional convenience, safety and lifestyle living.

Combined with creative architecture, attention to detail and the perfect application of modern technology this becomes the perfect place to raise a family, make precious memories and enjoy life.

The Village on Walker Drive is the latest development by a Nelson Mandela Bay-based company, Exclusive Property Development, which has a rich history of property development in both the Eastern and Western Cape.

A long list of creatively designed, up-market developments has established this company as a premier property developer with a portfolio development value exceeding the one billion rand mark. Their development portfolio includes not only residential developments, but commercial and industrial developments as well.

With every development, Exclusive Property Development creates new standards in quality, professionalism and style.

Village on Walker Drive is located close to the Baywest Mall and other amenities.

“Exclusive Property Development’s main purpose with this development is to provide an environment where buyers can live in harmonious surroundings, enjoying family, friendship and life's best, satisfied that they have an investment property that will give them good return," explains Manie Steyn of Exclusive Property Development.

"A state of the art security system will ensure the absolute peace of mind, at all times, night or day.

“Utilizing cutting edge technology like finger print recognition for access purposes, closed circuit television for monitoring vehicles that come in and out of the ‘Village’, as well as separate visitor and tenant entrances, a relaxed ‘safe-zone’ environment is created, allowing residents the opportunity to live and not be concerned about security of their loved ones or valuables."

According to Steyn, the convenience of living in this ‘Village’ is astounding.

“Residents are an easy walk from all amenities in the area,” he describes.

“The Walker Drive Shopping Complex - home to Pick 'n pay, various restaurants, coffee shops and other well know retailers, are literally just around the corner, as well as a popular nursery and filling stations. This area is abuzz with new developments.

“We believe the ‘Village on Walker Drive’ will be the flagship."

For more information, call 079 934 0689 or email jakkie@exclusivedevelopers.co.za. Alternatively, visit the website www.villageonwalker.co.za today.

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