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These areas will be affected by a Nelson Mandela Bay water shutdown

Jan 16, 2019
These areas will be affected by a Nelson Mandela Bay water shutdown

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality has advised local residents and businesses that the following areas will be affected by water supply disruptions.

"There will be a water shut down in the following areas for maintenance on Thursday 17 January from 6PM," said Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Communications and Media Management Officer, Mthubanzi Mniki.

List of areas affected by water supply disruptions

  • Gelvan Street
  • Lawler Street
  • Searle Road
  • Thornton Road
  • Jemeson Road
  • Jan Hofmeyer Road
  • Krog Street
  • Perla Street
  • Stanford Road Sb
  • Stanford Road Nb
  • Rabie Street
  • Highfield Road Eb
  • Highfield Road Wb
  • Drew Street
  • Newbolt Street
  • Cottrell Street
  • Pearl Road
  • Kempston Road
  • Pyott Road
  • Gatley Road
  • Wells Crescent
  • Cox Street
  • Bennet Street
  • Lindsay Road
  • Juta Road
  • Fearick Street
  • Neal Street
  • Nicoll Street
  • Haupt Street
  • Frost Lane
  • Gibaud Road
  • Voyle Street
  • Cadle Street
  • Hart Street
  • Aragon Road
  • Hobson Street
  • CJ Langehoven Drive Sb
  • Lime Place
  • Rochelle Road
  • Diaz Road
  • Mary Boyd Avenue
  • Buxton Avenue
  • Shauder Avenue
  • Larch Avenue

He said that there will be a water shut down in the Central part of town for water loss inspections tomorrow, Thursday, 17 January from 9AM – 5PM. The following areas will be affected:

  • Doncaster Street
  • Park Drive
  • Cuyler Street
  • Gordon Terrace
  • Annerley Terrace
  • Parliament Street
  • Rose Street
  • Deare Street
  • Rink Street
  • Cora Terrace
  • Surbiton Street
  • Twickernham Street

"Apologies for the inconvenience this may cause," Mniki said.

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