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Things looking bright for Coega Maths and Science bursary beneficiaries

OCTOBER 3, 2016
Things looking bright for Coega Maths and Science bursary beneficiaries

Coega Development Corporation (CDC) is proud to announce that all beneficiaries of the Maths and Science Programme (MSP) and the recipients of the Coega bursary are progressing well in their journey of obtaining higher educational qualifications to get better opportunities in critical fields like engineering, science and technology.

CDC has established a Maths and Science Programme, one of the CDC’s CSI programmes largely contributing to the community in terms of education, skills development and has yielded more learners undertaking studies in Science, Engineering and Technology, thereby reducing the gap between supply and demand of critical and scarce skills. 

“The long term objective of the organisation’s participation in empowering young minds specifically through education, training and skills development is to increase the quality and quantity of young professionals who can become the next generation of specialists in different strategic fields with innovative minds and critical skills, said Dr Ayanda Vilakazi, CDC unit head marketing & communications.

Nontobeko Sinuka (20) and Tembelani Tshaka (20) are some of the students who’ve benefited from the MSP. They both showed potential in terms of their growth and learning. Since joining the programme they managed to get good marks, propelling them into the top five students, for the 2015 class receiving a Coega Bursary to study further.

Ntobsie, as she is affectionately known by her peers, is currently studying Industrial Engineering at Nelson Mandela University. She highlights that, amongst her goals is to work for one of the South African top companies with plans to one day own her company and create jobs for more young people.

“The fact that MSP was free of charge it was a dream come true to me as both my parents are not working. The programme didn’t just help me upgrade my matric results; I was awarded a bursary which made it possible for me to study at University,” says Sinuka.

Tembelani Tshaka from Port Elizabeth Motherwell was raised by a single mother in a two bedroom house with three siblings. He is currently Studying BSc in Construction Economics: Quantity Surveying also at Nelson Mandela University.  

”Coega Maths and science programme is a place where you discover your true potential. In my life I never imagined myself obtaining a distinction in maths until Coega MSP made it possible,” says Tembelani.

“In light of the CDC’s pipeline projects, which range from energy, chemicals, metals, automotive to mention but a few; it is important to support young people and empower them with skills that will help with a skills base for the Eastern Cape and broadly, that of the country, ”says Dr Vilakazi.

BRIGHT FUTURE: Tembelani Tsaka and Nontobeko Sinuka both attended the Coega Maths and Science programme and are currently furthering their studies at Nelson Mandela University (NMU).