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Think before you dump household rubbish

Aug 23, 2018
Think before you dump household rubbish

Increasingly, people seem to dump household rubbish next to dustbins on commonages and pavements.  Household garbage is often dumped during the week at Hoy’s Koppie opposite Checkers, near the traffic circle and possibly by people who use the parking area. Refuse collection for Eastcliff is scheduled for Fridays together with Hermanus Heights, Kwaaiwater and Hawston. 

The Municipality encourages all residents to keep their neighbourhood CLEAN and GREEN and think before they dump.

Remember it is also illegal to dump builders’ rubble, old furniture and household appliances next to roads or on open erven.

Members of the public are kindly requested to immediately report any incidents of illegal dumping of household waste or builders’ rubble to Overstrand Law Enforcement general complaints (Tel: 028 313 8996) or the 24-hour control room (Tel: 028 313 8111).

Alternatively, send an email to enquiries@overstrand.gov.za with the location or address and any other information that will assist in identifying the person who dumped the waste.

Note also that when you report unlawful dumping, you should provide as much information as you can, like the physical address, registration number/colour of the vehicle and type of waste.

• Remember:  illegal dumping is a criminal offense. Guilty parties will be fined.