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Third camera on GO GEORGE buses to enhance service delivery

Mar 9, 2017
Third camera on GO GEORGE buses to enhance service delivery

Surveillance on all GO GEORGE buses forms an integral part of service quality control and passenger and driver safety. For this purpose, the buses had been equipped with two closed-circuit cameras until recently, but a third one has now been added.

Of the initial two cameras, one was installed to focus on the driver, and the other to give a view of the passengers inside the bus. The third camera is attached to the inside of the windscreen, focusing on the road and roadside ahead.

“The CCTV footage from the buses is being monitored by staff in the control room during all operational hours,” says James Robb, GO GEORGE Manager.

“This continued surveillance up to now assisted us by showing driver as well as passenger conduct to address in cases of undesirable behaviour. The third camera now adds a safety mechanism whereby accidents or any other situations outside the bus that pose a safety threat to our passengers or staff, can be acted upon immediately to ensure passengers’ safety – even before staff reports it.”

According to Robb, this camera will also pick up on driver behaviour in terms of traffic regulations and road safety, and picking up passengers at bus stops.

“This will of course work both ways. Passengers sometimes complain about a bus having passed them at a specific time without being full. Now the inside camera can tell us whether the bus was indeed full, and the outside camera can tell us whether there was somebody at a stop indicating to the driver to stop, at any given moment. Bus drivers are sometimes being accused of behaviour which turns out not to be true when we view footage of the incident. However, footage is being reviewed by management regularly, complaints or no complaints, to ensure quality service.”

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