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This June, AFDA Port Elizabeth presents 2019 Experimental Festival

Jun 6, 2019
This June, AFDA Port Elizabeth presents 2019 Experimental Festival

Port Elizabeth - This June, AFDA Port Elizabeth will be hosting its 3rd annual Experimental Festival since the institution opened its doors in 2015.

The festival will take place at the AFDA Port Elizabeth campus, 28 Bird Street, on June 15th 2019 from 10am to 5pm. Day passes can be purchased from the AFDA PE campus reception desk at R50 from June 10th.

Tickets will also be sold by the producers of the various films to be exhibited, whose contact details will be detailed below. Tickets to the stage production will be included in the R50, but must be requested separately in order to manage audience numbers.

The festival will showcase the stage production and films produced by 3rd year students as part of their Experimental semester project. This project cycle allows students the freedom to push themselves and their mediums to their creative limits – a true test of creative exploration of each discipline respectively.

In addition to the film screenings and the stage production showing, there will be a number of other exciting activities taking place. Keeping with the festival’s Carnival theme, there will be an assortment of food trucks on the grounds, as well as a number of local artists who will be exhibiting and selling their work.

Detailed below are brief summaries of the stage production and the five experimental film productions that will be showcased on the day:

The Bird Street Opera(Stage Production)

Directed by Jen Schneeberger, The Bird Street Opera, is an adaptation of Berthold Brecht’s The Threepenny Opera. The play explores the underbelly of South African (and specifically Port Elizabeth’s) society, revealing truths that we would rather keep hidden. We follow the Queen of the Thieves (MacHeath) as she introduces us to her world of beggars and crooks. However, when she makes the brazen decision to marry the daughter of the King of the beggars things take a turn for the worse. She is hunted down by the police and finds herself fighting for her life.

Afro-Bohemian Psychedelic Drama (Film)

Zola is a young hardworking man currently living with his wife, Linda, and her uncle; the dynamic in the household is unstable, due to Zola’s inability to handle the stress of working a low-level office job that nevertheless provides the sole income of the household. This stress causes Zola to lash out at those he works with and those he loves, so he decides to seek out the help of a spiritual healer that will take Zola on a journey of personal growth and a change of perspective.

Producer Contact:

Name: Isaiah Lindstrom

Contact number: 0833211222

Email address: Isaiahlindstrom7@gmail.com 

Instagram: @matchlessmedia

Facebook: Matchless Media

A String of Memory (Film)

Anna, who has Alzheimer’s, receives a paintbrush from her son, Pierre. As a result, she begins to recall fragmented memories of her past painting. We follow Anna as she rediscovers her love for painting, as well as Annie – the personification of Anna’s memory- as she tries to piece together the memories that Anna’s painting triggers. The two storylines provide an insight into the mind of a person struggling to recall their own past, until the real and surreal worlds merge together and Anna and Annie finally come together to help each other out of obscurity.

Producer Contact:

Name: Tshilidzi Faith Mauna

Contact number: 0733095194

Email address: Semicolonpro19@gmail.com 

Instagram: @Semicolon_pro

Facebook: Semicolon Production

Bloom (Film)

St. Joseph’s Academy for Girls bans creative expression, as it is seen as unstructured thinking. We follow Ophelia Botha and her best friend, Zoë Dlamini- an outspoken creative individual who is always causing a storm at school. As their friendship blooms, they instigate a creative revolution. However, in order to succeed they first have to face the wrath of Mrs. Crawford, the headmistress, and her sidekick, Kayleigh Wicomb, who is the head girl of the school. Before the two can reap the benefits of a successful revolution, they are met with unexpected challenges, with potentially fatal consequences.

Producer Contact:

Name: Ayabulela Willem

Contact number: 0652985843

Email address: willemayabulela@gmail.com 

Instagram: @sublimetime_productions

Facebook: Sublime Time Productions

Doubtful (Film)

Two young women, Faith and Lita, both seek genuine human connection. The universe continually throws the two into each other’s paths, serendipitous situations where they might meet one another and form such a connection. However, they both start to be haunted by a personification of their own self-doubt. Their self-doubt stops them from meeting each other and it begins to consume them and their world. Faith and Lita must now find the strength to fight against this force before it takes over for good.

Producer Contact:

Name: Ross Annear

Contact number: 0790571680

Email address: rossw.annear@gmail.com 

Instagram: @teasmadeproductions

Facebook: Teasmade Productions

Lucky Punch(Film)

Two young boxers, Nkosi and Nomvula, will be facing each other in the boxing ring for the 2019 lightweight championship in Port Elizabeth. Rather than just another boxing match, this fight represents so much more for the two: Nkosi is fighting to break free from poverty, trying to make ends meet, while Nomvula is fighting to obtain respect as a female boxer in a patriarchal sports system of boxing in the township.

Producer Contact:

Name: Nobulali Gcolotela

Contact number: 0817068905

Email address: nsgcolotela@gmail.com 

Instagram: @museproductions 

Facebook: Muse Media Productions

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