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Three alleged ATM fraudsters expected in court after being busted in Uitenhage

Jun 23, 2017
Three alleged ATM fraudsters expected in court after being busted in Uitenhage

Relentless efforts to ensure that offenders are brought to book, continue to yield positive results as Uitenhage police arrested three suspects in connection with ATM fraud on Thursday afternoon. 

"Members from the crime prevention unit received valuable information from a community member about suspects, who were allegedly involved in bank card swoppings at an ATM in the Uitenhage Mall, at about 13:15, on Thursday," said police spokesperson, Captain Gerda Swart. 

"The suspects allegedly fled in a rented silver VW Polo and members reacted swiftly and pulled the vehicle off the road in Constitution Road, Uitenhage. 

"After investigations, it was revealed that the complainants’ bank card and cash was found in possession of the suspects."

Further investigations revealed that the driver of the VW Polo was wanted on a warrant of arrest in a similar Humewood ATM fraud case. 

"The three suspects, aged between 20 and 30 years, were arrested on the spot and detained on charges of fraud," Captain Swart said. 

"Police have seized the bank card, cash and the vehicle."

She added that dDetectives are following up all possible leads to see if suspects can be possibly linked to other cases.

Acting Uitenhage Station Commander, Colonel Andre Swart, applauded the team for their vigilance and swift action and thanked the community for the vital role they played securing these arrests. 

Col Swart said: “When operational policing services are directed and coordinated, arrests are effected and these arrests are a major breakthrough in the fight against ATM card swopping, that is a growing concern in the area”. 

The suspects are due to appear in the Uitenhage Magistrate’s Court on Monday. 

Police once again want to warn the community to be vigilant when using an ATM and to protect yourself from criminals and to adhere to the following: If you think the ATM is faulty, cancel the transaction immediately, report the fault to your Bank and transact at another ATM.  Avoid ATMs that are dimly lit or surrounded by loiterers, and never allow your children to draw money using your card, since they're the most vulnerable to perpetrators. Have your card ready in your hand before you approach the ATM to avoid opening your purse, bag or wallet while in the queue.  Be cautious of strangers offering to help as they could be trying to distract you in order to get your card or PIN.  Follow the instructions on the ATM screen carefully. ONLY punch in your PIN once prompted by the ATM.  Report suspicious items or people around ATMs to the Bank.  Choose familiar and well-lit ATMs where you are visible and safe.  Report any concerns regarding the ATM to the Bank. Toll free numbers are displayed on all ATMs. Be alert to your surroundings. Do not use the ATM if there are loiterers or suspicious people in the vicinity. Also, take note that fraudsters are often well-dressed, well-spoken and respectable looking individuals.