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Three-in-one: Superstitions: meet all your beauty needs under one roof

By Liande Barnard - Dec 15, 2014
Three-in-one: Superstitions: meet all your beauty needs under one roof

A few weeks ago, I was on Facebook and a certain page caught my eye. A place called Superstitions had recently opened in Newton Park, Port Elizabeth, and so I decided to try them for a full Swedish body massage.

When I arrived, Superstitions’ décor immediately grabbed my attention. I could not stop looking at the bright colours that surrounded me. Since I was a little early, I waited at their reception area where I was pleasantly surprised with coffee and a freshly baked cupcake.

I learnt that Superstitions is run by three lovely artists - Kay-Leigh, Bethany and Chauné. The receptionist described to me that the idea from the beginning, was to bring art back to the industry - and what better way than to put three great artists under one roof.

It was not long before Chauné, my masseuse, walked in and introduced herself. I was taken to one of their rooms and was left to get ready. I must say, she was hospitable and made me feel at ease.

Moments later I had one of the best massages I have ever had. It was incredible and I could swear that I felt knots unwinding in my body. I really enjoyed every second of it!

From Chauné, I learnt that she also specialises in pregnancy, baby, shiatsu, sports and Swedish massage, she also has, amongst others, an international ITEC diploma for holistic massaging. They also have a professional beautician and a skilled tattoo artist - talk about an all-in-one shop!

After my massage, Chauné introduced me to the rest of Superstitions team. Beautician, Kay-Leigh, told me that, besides tattoo removals and permanent make-up, she also does skin needling. I was stunned; she laughed and explained that it is an alternative to plastic surgery and has no downtime.

Bethany is the tattoo artist and she also does professional piercings. Spotting some really amazing tattoos, she told me that the ink she uses is 100% vegan. She believes in coming up with her own designs and showed me some of the best ink-work I have ever seen.

All three ladies, aim to make Superstitions a place where everyone - from the 17 year-old wanting their first tattoo or piercing to the 50 year-old just wanting a relaxing massage, can feel comfortable. Their pride is also in their high standards of hygiene.

My visit to Superstitions was memorable! I have already made an appointment for permanent eyeliner. You can also call 041 364 0491 or 083 419 4885 or visit at 100 2nd Avenue, Newton Park, PE.