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Three-months-old baby found abandoned in Kabega Park

Jun 15, 2018
Three-months-old baby found abandoned in Kabega Park

Kabega Park police officers on Thursday showered a three-months-old baby girl with unconditional love in the short time that the child was in their care.

"The beautiful little infant was found on Thursday morning lying in a footpath on the Draaifontein Road in Greenbushes," described police spokesperson, Col Priscilla Naidu.

"A man was walking when he found the child in a ditch. A bag and a feeding bottle was lying not far from her."

She said that the child was taken by him to the Salvation Army, who then handed her over to police.

"The police members brought the child to the Victim Support Centre where she received a clean change of clothing. She was cold with the damp clothing on her. They also fed her with a warm bottle of milk."

Col Naidu said that the infant was then taken to Dora Nginza Hospital and handed over to social workers.

"When a police officer reports for duty he/she dons on the cloak of a mother, father, social worker and law enforcer among many of his/her other duties," she explained.

"Situations arise that warrants immediate action and society looks upon a police officer as ‘the jack of all trades’ and a saviour in times of crisis. In most cases, no matter the circumstances, our men and women in blue emerge victorious by showing that 'we can do it'."

She said that child abandonment is common and occurs when a parent or guardian either abandons a child without any regard for the child’s physical health, safety or welfare or in some instances fail to provide necessary care.

"Police is appealing to anyone, who may know the whereabouts of the mother or family to contact SAPS Kabega Park on 041 3946802," Col Naidu said.

"When a person makes a decision to have a child, that person is also making a decision to take responsibility for that child. Thank you to those, who have enough love to share and actions such as this make this world a better place to live."