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Time to check the municipal value of your property

Feb 5, 2018
Time to check the municipal value of your property

Property owners in George are encouraged to check the municipal value of their properties to ensure they are being charged the correct rates.

George Municipality Finance Director Keith Jordaan said municipalities were required by law to update their General Valuation Roll every four years, a process which was initiated last June.

“Following data collection and verification, the roll is now available for public inspection at 14 points across the municipal area as well as on the municipal website.

“It is very important that owners check their valuations as it will affect the rates they pay on their own properties as well as the overall rate value calculations for the city. There are a few factors that can affect an evaluation – for instance, a smaller house in an area where there are mostly large homes may be over-valuated, or a house in a good area may have lower value because the inside is in bad condition,” said Mr Jordaan.

The public has until 9 March 2018 to inspect and lodge objections pertaining to a specific property if necessary.

The way to lodge an objection is prescribed by legislation and will only be considered if submitted on the correct objection form and completed clearly and correctly in ink. 

Objection forms for the various categories of properties  - namely residential (Form A), non-residential/business (Form B) and agricultural properties (Form C) – are available from service points indicated below and on the municipal website.

Any objector may only object to an individual property and not to the entire valuation roll. If a person represents an owner of a property, a copy of the proof /resolution in this regard must be attached to the form.

Objection forms submitted to the municipality after 9 March 2018 will not be considered. Objectors who have supplied correct contact details on the objection forms will be contacted and physical assessments of properties arranged.

The valuation roll is available for inspection at the below-mentioned places:

  1. Ms Ellen Dyers, Ground Floor, George Municipality, 71 York Street, 072 271 6567
  2. Mr M Abrahams, Blanco Community Hall, 47 George Road, 044 803 9275
  3. Mr G Meyer, Rosemoor Civic, Woltemade Street, 044 801 9379
  4. Mr A Willemse /Mr D Geswindt, George Public Library, 3 George Street, 072 271 6567    
  5. Mr Donald Goldfain, Wilderness Ratepayers Association, Tourism Office,  Wilderness   083 251 8401
  6. Mr Terry Smith, Hoekwil Ratepayers Association, Hoekwil Post Office, Church Street 082 446 5981
  7. Income Office, Uniondale Municipality 044 752 1024
  8. Ms M Fiegeland, Conville Civic Centre, Pienaar Street 044 803 9261
  9. Mr H Kumutu, Old Post Office , c/o Mission and Church Street, Pacaltsdorp  044 803 2286
  10. Mr J van der Merwe, Council Chamber Le Grand 082 444 0460
  11. Mr M Swart, 10 Uitsig Street or Mr W Calder, 46 Skuinsbank Street or Mr K Field, 12 Skuinsbank Street, Herolds Bay 083 641 1504
  12. Income Office, Haarlem Municipality 044 763 1013
  13. Mr Damons, Touwsranten Community Hall, Bester Street 044 803 9280
  14. Mr J Mcanjana, Thusong Centre, c/o Ngcakani and Jeriko Road, Thembalethu, 044 801 9448

On the website www.george.gov.za  the valuation roll and objection forms are listed under Documents>Financial Reports>Valuations.

Objections forms can also be requested by emailing Post@george.gov.za or mailing George Municipality, PO Box 19, George, 6530.  Filled in objection forms can be handed in at the 14 inspection points or emailed to valuations@george.gov.za