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Time with my mate: Festive Monday at the Bru Bar

Time with my mate: Festive Monday at the Bru Bar

I have a friend, who lives in Seaview, just outside Port Elizabeth, and owns a business in the harbour. On a recent Monday evening, he called me to say that as he could not face the nightmare rush-hour traffic along the Heugh and Buffelsfontein Roads - the route to and from his home, so he had pulled into Bru Bar, at 161 Heugh Road and he asked me to join him for a frosty.

Not doing much myself, I jumped into my car and making use of Villiers Road, on to which Bru Bar has a back entrance, I avoided the worst of the traffic and arrived just a few minutes after his call.

Joining my mate at his table, I ordered a beer and took in the vibe and ambiance of this delightful pub. Just like us, there were a number of other people of all ages enjoying a respite from the congestion just across the car park and relaxing after a busy first day of the work week.

Luckily for us, it was ‘2 For One Monday Pizza Night’ and they had Banting options. My mate is a Banting disciple and will preach the benefits of Professor Tim Noakes’ ‘The Real Meal Revolution’ to complete strangers, particularly those that are a little plump. Of course this doesn’t always go down too well but, like all fervent preachers, he manages to get his message across without getting clobbered.

We ordered the BRU 8 Pizza on an almond Banting base. The toppings included Artichokes, Green Peppers, Olives and Mushrooms. I had my reservations about the base, which added fifty bucks to the cost of the pizza, but man, it was delicious!

I’m a craft beer lover and the Bru Bar’s menu put a big smile on my face. I washed my pizza down with a Cape Frontier Lager and my mate, true to his Banting principles, had a glass of the house dry white wine.

With its funky décor, entertaining live music and great service, we had a very enjoyable evening.

The Bru Bar obviously spends a lot of time on promotion and marketing, and rightly so for such a cool spot, and there are daily specials. Tuesday is free craft beer with every burger and pizza; Wednesday is Quiz night; Thursday is free wine with every pizza or burger; Friday is live music night, and Saturday is live music and sport.

I’ll be back for more craft beer and pizza, see you there. Visit the Bru Bar at 161 Heugh Road, Walmer, Port Elizabeth, or go to brubar.co.za or call 041 581 5335.