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TINT’ALISING: Finally, hair colour that I love!

TINT’ALISING: Finally, hair colour that I love!

The end of last year was a busy and tough time for me, you just needed to see how bad my hair was to get the full story. After reading an article by professional hair stylist, Nina Thompson, in the December edition of Home, Food & Travel magazine, I decided to visit her salon, Tintalising Hair & Beauty, to see what she could do for me for Christmas.

Comfortably seated in her studio, Nina brought out a colour chart and we selected two colours for my hair - a blonde and a rich brown as an in-between shade. Being my first visit to her salon, she also did a great job of putting me at ease. Rightly so because the ‘brown’ colorant was actually blue!

Nina skilfully explained to me how the blue dye would transform into a brown once applied which made the whole process feel like ‘a curious adventure to the salon’.

As my hair colour developed, I enjoyed the chatter, laughter and vibe in the salon. I kid you not, at Tintalising you will enter as a client but leave having made new friends.

About 40 minutes later, I was taken to the hair washing station. This was my favourite part. Joanne, their hair washing executive, treated me to a 30-minute head and scalp massage. It’s amazing what relaxation can do the mind and body after weeks of strenuous work - I did not want her to stop.

Joanne then treated my ever-so-dry hair and let it settle for about 20 minutes. My hair was rinsed before I was taken back to my station for a cut and blow out.

I was happy that Nina did not get carried away with scissors, like some hairdressers I visited before. She cuts off the bare minimum, just enough to ensure healthy hair and a stylish cut. When it came to the blow out, she impressed me again. She did not need to use a hair straightener but the result was that my hair was sleek, smooth and soft. Nina used a small amount of gel just to keep my fringe out of my eyes.

I have never loved the colour of my hair as much since visiting Tintalising. The salon is open from 09h00 to 17h00 every day of the week except on Mondays. It is a great place to enjoy friendly service in a vibrant environment at the right price.

To get a head-start with your style this year, visit 206 Circular Drive in Lorraine or call 041 367 3789.