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Tips for the Beach and Life Guard Allocation

By Supplied - Dec 15, 2014
Tips for the Beach and Life Guard Allocation

Tips for the beach:

  • Only swim where life guard flags are displayed.
  • Never swim alone.
  • Seek advise if you are using the beach for the first time on where to swim and what equipment to use.
  • Always put on sun block, Drink water when long hrs in the sun.
  • Your children must always be on sight. They must always swim under close supervision.

Life guards on duty,  how many there are at each point and importantly between what dates will the areas be manned by the guards.

  •              St Georges village-2 lifeguards(LG) Wells estate-6 LG,
  •              Blue Water Bay-2 LG,Brighton Beach-3 (LG),
  •              Kings Beach-6 LG, Humewood-4 LG,
  •              Hobie-3 LG, Pollok-2 LG, Sards-4 LG,
  •              Beach view-3 LG, Maitlands-6 LG,
  •              Blue Horizon Bay- 2 LG

Lifeguards totals always change depending on club duty's and where we must assist.

St Georges Village, Wells, BWB, BB, KB, HW, HOBIE, POLLOCK will be maned daily up until end April 2015.Various times on peek days depending on beach usage.

Sards, BV, MAIT, BHB-Daily from the 6th Dec 2014 to the 6th Jan 2015. Peak days from 07:00-19:00 all other days 09:00-16:30 also depending on weather.


IMAGE: www.travelblog.org