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Title deeds finally handed over to Stanford residents

Aug 16, 2018
Title deeds finally handed over to Stanford residents

The mood at the Stanford Community Hall was jubilant as 54 families designated as beneficiaries of a housing project initiated in 2009 were finally granted rightful ownership of their houses in Thembelihle (Stanford South) and Kersiedorp (near the rugby field).

Even though the 88 families in question have been occupying their homes since 2009, legalities pertaining to town planning prevented the properties from officially being registered in the names of their rightful owners.

On handing over the title deeds to their homes during a ceremony held on Tuesday evening 14 August 2018, Overstrand Municipality’s Executive Mayor, Dudley Coetzee, remarked, “it took way too long to provide you with proof of ownership, but now the houses are legally yours, and you can ensure that they stay in your families for generations to come. We wish you as the home owners all of the best.”

A further 27 of the initial 88 low-income houses referred to above are in the process of being registered.

Unfortunately, the remainder – seven properties in total – cannot yet be registered due to some unforeseen circumstances, such as beneficiaries, who have died intestate or whose estates have not yet been finalised and a couple who have since moved away from the area before signing the necessary documentation.

Image: Sarel (left) and Els Swarts received the title deed for their property from Mayor Dudley Coetzee.