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To drink or not to drink: Alcohol can pile on some kilos!

By Hilda Stroebel - Dec 15, 2014
To drink or not to drink: Alcohol can pile on some kilos!

It is the season to eat, drink, and be fat! This is my motto for all of those who are not on a program. Those of you who are on a food and exercise plan, our motto is ‘eat high protein, low carbs, drink water and protein shakes, and be merry!’

Your body will thank you by being more efficient, effective, burn fat faster and storing enough energy to take on this super busy season.

The alcohol question

Many of us are still confused as to whether alcohol is good for us or not. Here is the answer in plain presentation; alcohol has empty calories, which means it has no nutritional value - and most alcoholic beverages contain a lot of sugar.

It's not rocket science to see that when one consumes alcohol, those empty calories pile on quickly. In addition, when a person drinks, their appetites tend to increase, therefore the effects of drinking quantify.

One scientific study proved that if someone drinks a cocktail at dinner, they consume up to 600 calories more than if they did not have a drink.

I am not saying that you may not loosen up and have a cold one or that you have to be a social stiff the whole holiday season, but rather drink in moderation. If you do not want to seem unsocial, simply take the glass of wine or champagne that is offered, take part in the toast, and sip slowly, enough to leave most of that ‘sugar’ in the glass!